Decarbonize Now – With Smart Visualization of Complex Industrial Operations

One of the main polluting industries in terms of carbon emissions, is the oil and gas industry. We have an energy transition phase ongoing, bringing a variety of renewable energy sources into the energy mix.

At the same time, for however long time there is hydrocarbon production we need to ensure that the emission levels are reduced and neutralized (carbon-neutral) from the existing operations.

A struggle has been to have robust and reliable instrumentation for critical processing equipment to function (more than 50% of the root causes for failures) – with the type of harsh and hostile production environments where the matter and fluids are mixed to emulsions and sensor surfaces are smeared with sticky matter – it has limited the operational efficiency, led to a lot of unnecessary and costly maintenance and unexpected shutdowns.

ROCSOLE is an innovative technology company, where we have industrialized electrical tomography enabling actionable insights in real-time, where scale, wax, emulsions, sand and other unwanted matter is our primary focus.

Utilizing various tools, such as Internet-of-Things, AI and machine learning, we are solving one of the critical areas that is leading to improved efficiency, leading the digital transformation and enabling decarbonization.

Our work is transformational and a game changer in industry – we have attracted a long list of leading enterprises, as this is a key issue. As such it is not only the oil and gas industry that has given its’ attention to the unique solutions of ROCSOLE, a variety of industries have the similar issues with emulsion formation and stabilization impeding process efficiency, and also deposits and solids.

Such industries are pulp & paper, mining, electronics, semiconductor production, chemicals and more. For the type of innovative technology and solutions, that are transforming value chains and business models, cooperation with customers and service providers is key to be able to scale and make an impact.

We have a clear mission to make industries safer and better, which is also good for our planet. With joint efforts we can accelerate decarbonization.

The company is based in Kuopio, Finland, but works on the global market. The company is supported by SHELL Ventures, REPSOL Ventures, Equinor Ventures as well as Finnvera and Business Finland.

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