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DR SMILE, A Benchmark Company In The Field Of Aesthetic Dentistry

Founded in Germany in 2016 by entrepreneurs Jens Urbaniak and Christopher von Wedemeyer, DR SMILE has positioned itself as a benchmark company in the dental aesthetics sector thanks to its commitment to innovation and technological tradition.

DR SMILE develops innovative and easy-to-use dental treatments that have redefined the future of aesthetic dentistry through invisible orthodontics.

Being part of the Straumanngroup, a global leader in aesthetic dentistry that unites international reach, expertise, and innovation with passion and a commitment to uncompromising quality, DR SMILE has become the leading European company in invisible orthodontics since 2018.

DR SMILE has redefined the future of dentistry with its treatment, easing the path to a new smile for more than 100,000 satisfied patients. Our goal is to make dream smiles easy, convenient, and close to home for anyone.

DR SMILE is currently present in 10 countries with more than 300 clinics in Spain, Germany, Italy, France and beyond.

“Every 9 minutes a patient has the smile of their dreams thanks to DR SMILE.”

Our Mission

We want anyone who sets their mind to it, to have the smile they want in an easy, comfortable way, close to home,

At DR SMILE we want people to feel confident, take control of their lives and succeed in whatever they set their minds to.

It all starts with a smile!

Our values

🚀 To the Moon

We are bold and ambitious. By never settling and always challenging the status quo, we improve processes and innovate. We think outside the box and encourage creative solutions. The moon is the limit…for now!

Be a Leader

We trust leaders, not managers. At DR SMILE, we aspire to inspire others and help our colleagues fulfil their potential and grow. We are all leaders.

💡Fail Fast, Fall Forward

We are not intimidated by failure. We embrace it and take it as an opportunity to develop, learn and try again.

🕵🏼 Inform your Intuition

We have informed performers and back up our intuition with actionable data. The more we learn and grow, the more reliable our intuition becomes.

What is Invisible Orthodontics?

Invisible orthodontic treatment has become popular among people who want to straighten their smile and say goodbye to crooked teeth. It has become the preferred option for patients who want to achieve a beautiful smile without the need to commit to metal braces. DR SMILE is a company specializing in the development of invisible orthodontic treatments to correct the position of teeth and achieve an aligned smile.

The process to start with invisible orthodontic treatment is simple, you just make a free appointment at any DR SMILE-associated clinic, and they will create a 3D scan of your smile.

Expert dentists and odontologists will evaluate the results of your scan and design a personalised treatment plan with a simulation of your future smile. Once your treatment is confirmed, your unique aligners will be manufactured and delivered directly to your home.

DR SMILE invisible orthodontic treatment is easy to use and is designed with the latest innovative dental technology to align your smile. It consists of a series of custom-made, removable clear aligners so you can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted without pain and or noticeable metal brackets.

Thanks to the patented ClearQuartz material, the aligners have millimeter precision and adapt to your teeth easily and comfortably. This material provides semi-flexibility while allowing it to absorb impact. The two outer layers are especially resistant with a more flexible inner layer, making the aligner fully compatible with daily life.

The entire treatment is monitored digitally by dentists through the DR SMILE App, where you will upload a photograph every week so that the medical team can evaluate the progress of your smile. You can also request in-person check-ups and contact with the patient care team.

How much does invisible orthodontic treatment cost?

DR SMILE make dental treatment affordable, especially compared to other more traditional treatments such as metal brackets. Depending on the degree of complexity and duration of treatment for each patient, the price of invisible orthodontics at DR SMILE can range from €1,490 to €2,890, with the possibility of financing interest-free for up to 48 months.


We are a very promising company that has beaten many obstacles, it has not been an easy journey but we are proud of how far we have come. Our mission remains the same, to provide an easy and fast way for everyone to obtain the smile they always wanted. A smile is more than just good looks, a smile provides confront and confidence for both men and women. as we like to say in DR SMILE: For us, the limit is the moon, or isn’t it?

Written by Marcus Richards

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