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Europe’s Most Funded Unicorns

Over the past decade, many successful startups across Europe have made significant progress. When some of the largest tech companies, like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, were first created, Europe was not a part of their world. As valuations have run wild in the tech world, it seems that Europe’s start-up scene is sprouting.

In Europe, funding for start-up unicorn companies increased sharply, with investments in those companies reaching $49.6 billion in 185 rounds, more than quadruple from the $11.8 billion that was raised in 2020. This figure is equivalent to 42% of all funding that will be given to new companies by a single person or entity in Europe in 2021.


Europe is one of the world’s fastest-growing continents when it comes to attracting new investors for business and entrepreneurship. Hundreds of startups have become established in Europe, and some of them are experiencing huge success. In comparison to 2021, the rate at which new European unicorns are being created in 2022 has already increased.

With the addition of 84 new unicorns in 2021, there are currently 130 unicorns in Europe, which have generated over 135,000 careers and are valued at more than EUR 370 billion in total. Due to this, more than 100 businesses have achieved unicorn status and have a value of $1 billion or more. The following is a list of the top 5 most funded startups in Europe.

1. Klarna

Klarna is an eCommerce site that offers easy and fast ways to purchase things on the internet. Their amount of funding is $3,471.72M.

2. has received about $1,830.00M in providing a streamlined checkout process on all major mobile devices.

3. Revolut

Revolut offers payment solutions to businesses and individuals. It has been estimated that the amount of their funding is $ 1,715.98M.

4. Global Switch

Global Switch offers colocated and virtualized data centers for companies and organizations around the world. Their funding is approximately $6,254.75M.

5. Celonis

Celonis Software is a fast-moving and technology-driven software developer of enterprise software solutions with a current funding of $1,367.50M.

Investment Opportunity In SEO Agencies

It’s important to remember that the stock market numbers for 2022 have hit new records. Even though startup investment in Europe is down sharply over the past year, it is still $10 billion or more higher than every quarter in 2020.

The massive growth of startups in Europe involves many parties who have contributed to the success of the development of their startup companies. SEO plays an important role in enabling startups to reach their customers successfully. Search engines provide startups with useful information, because when customers search for something, that’s exactly what it is that customer will find.

With the increasing need for SEO from startups developing in Europe, our SEO Agency for Startups sees a big opportunity for clients to invest in an SEO company. In addition, the term “future of work” will become a hot funding startup by providing a platform that can easily support a future life. This is very in line with the function of SEO itself.

Startup Conditions in the Private Sector

Downturns in the startup private sector happened unprecedentedly. Compared to the stocks that the stock exchanges mark to the market every day based on the way they have performed, investors in the equity markets can value their positions fairly.

Investors are focusing more and more on finding investments that are right and putting money into them, and less and less on storing capital in their hand. Also, investors are becoming less willing to back smaller companies that lack the necessary expertise, leading to more focused investments in better companies.

Venture Capitalists invest in companies that are not publicly traded but are able to borrow money through a variety of banks, foundations, pension funds, and other organizations. Investments that provide capital to businesses whose revenues are rising quickly and that could grow further.

Written by Marcus Richards

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