How Lottoland Grew from a Startup into an International Gambling Leader

Any time you think about or mention the term Lottoland, what comes to mind is gambling. The betting firm has dominated the gambling industry and is now almost anonymous to the field itself. Compared to other fields you could, Lottoland is the Google or the other top tech of the gambling industry.

With such domination, it is easy to think that the company has been operational for several years. When in the real sense it has only been around for less than a decade. It was officially launched in May 2013, at Gibraltar.

Within those few years, the company has become the leading online international gambling leader. It even already holds some world records like the Guinness world record for the largest online gambling payout. The site has also been named by the Financial Times as one of the fastest-growing companies in the world in 2017. By then it was ranked as the second gaming company and the leading lotto company.

The company has also grown in terms of use cases. It has grown to over 12million active users. It also has a presence in all the major jurisdictions of the world like England, Ireland, Australia, India, Sweden and South Africa.

There are few signs that the company would be slowing down its growth in the near future. It looks to keep being the market leader while staying as the benchmark of what it means to operate as an online gambling platform.

To reach such levels of success is no accident. It means Lottoland has been getting many things right. So, here are some of the things it has been getting right to help it attain such massive gains.


It is always quite challenging for the betting sites to grow a massive line of trusting clients. However, Lottoland has been able to do exactly that with tens of millions of clients already.

For this population to trust the site with their money, it’s all in the authenticity. Even though various betting sites have had to deal with scandals over payouts and other money issues, Lottoland has been issues-free. From the reviews on the online sites, all you can see are satisfied users.

The site is also not shy from paying out no matter how big the winner gets.

Best odds in the market

Even though most betting sites have attracted users by the promise of winning big, the clients tend to realise they stand no chance of winning once they have registered. That is why most of them have struggled for market traction. There have also been concerns on some sites about changing odds once bets have been placed.

Lottoland, on the other hand, offers a real chance of winning. With some of the best odds in the market, the expectation is to always win big. This has helped it attract and retain the clients looking to win.

Multiple gaming options

Nothing is more frustrating than heading to a site only to find your favourite betting options are not available. This means you have to start looking all over again or have to bet on some of the games you don’t fancy with lesser chances of success.

Lottoland has gone all out in stocking the gaming options in the platform. It has jackpots, scratchcards, and instant win gaming options. It also keeps on introducing new betting options such as Bingo and Sportsbook, making it a fans favourite.

No hidden costs

Money remains an issue of concern among the various betting sites. One of the issues comes from the fact that once you win you won’t get the whole amount. The sites introduce fees like processing and withdrawal fees that reduce your winnings.

Lottoland, however, makes the win more worthwhile as you don’t have to encounter any hidden fees. You can always withdraw your money through any secure means without losing any bit of it.

Reliable customer service

Lottoland has invested in one of the best customer service protocols in the betting world. As a beginner in the industry, you can always find it difficult to navigate through the website. This should not be an issue with Lottoland as it provides an easy to navigate website. The website is user friendly and loads swiftly.

The site also has multiple customer service lines. For example, for faster access, you can reach out to the team through web chat. Still, you can opt for the mail which is answered promptly.

Bottom Line

Being one of the most competitive and regulated industries, it is challenging to grow a betting firm within a short while. To make a world-leading company, therefore, is such a laudable achievement. So far, Lottoland remains the best online betting site. It comes with a wide range of gaming options, the best odds in the market, and reliable customer support. All these it has achieved in less than a decade of operations.

Click here to get started on Lottoland and experience the benefits other gamers are already enjoying.

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