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Kallyss – Startup Profile

Kallyss is an online platform and loans connection service that allows applicants and borrowers in the US to borrow $100 to $35,000 over 1 to 60 months. Kallyss, set up and established in 2021 aims to provide customers with a seamless, safe, transparent and efficient process by which to apply for money online.

Kallyss connects borrowers with numerous reputable short term and longer term payday, installment and cash advance lenders in the USA, in all states where short term loans and payday loans are legal. Kallyss’ entire process is managed online and upon applying, borrowers can receive an instant lending decision from a panel of lenders within just a few minutes.

Whereas many payday and other short term lenders in the USA rely on physical premises and payday stores, Kallyss takes the entire process online and connects the ideal borrowers with the lender best suited to their needs and financial requirements.

Samuel Davies, founder and CEO of Kallyss said of the new platform: “Our purpose of being is to make the payday and short term loans process as seamless and straightforward as possible for borrowers. However, we also work to help lenders looking to lend money online by ensuring they get access to a relevant and suitable borrowers. We always do and always will work to maintain our degree of being a tech-driven and transparent company, serving lenders and borrowers in the US alike.”

Kallyss covers all US states that allow high-cost-short-term (HCST) loans and lending, an industry previously flourishing in countries like the UK, before being regulated by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) around 2014.

One of the core aims of Kallyss is to allow people and applicants to see how much they can reasonably borrow online, in just a few clicks. Additionally, all of the lenders on the panel of lenders working with Kallyss are vetted and regulated appropriately in their respective states. This means that as many holed for people fall through into debt are closed by Kallyss wherever possible.

“Although payday loans can be a very useful and can fulfil a very worthwhile cause for people facing financial emergencies, they should always only be used in financial emergencies and alternatives to these short term loans should always be considered. If you do find yourself needing a short term loan however, in times of emergency, Kallyss is ready and willing to consider your application.”

Samuel Davies on the position in the market that Kallyss is looking to fill.

Kallyss is looking forward to what the company hopes will be a very exciting and eventful 2022 in the USA and around the world in the loan and financial product sectors.

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