Logmore Makes Global Supply Chains Visible and Transparent

Logmore brings safety, efficiency, and transparency into logistics. We want to be the world’s leading source of logistics insights and quality assurance solutions. This is enabled by Logmore Guardians which are small and smart devices placed into shipments to monitor the conditions like temperature and humidity. The data is collected via smartphones into a cloud-based reporting and data management platform.

Tell us about yourself?

I’m CEO and one of the founders at Logmore. In my work, I’m at my best when inventing new ideas and creating solutions to significant and relevant problems. My expertise includes project management, leadership, and the development of new technologies. We at Logmore give 100% to the work we do and my personal goal is to do meaningful work that makes the world a safer and better place to live. To achieve this goal, I want to be an inspiring and resourceful leader who always maintains a positive attitude and creates important opportunities for the people around me. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with family and friends. Most likely you will find me at the gym after the day’s work is done.

Niko Polvinen, CEO of Logmore

What is your background? What made you get into this line of work?

I started my career as a software engineer and really soon I found myself starting up a software company with a group of friends. For some reason, my career immediately led into the field of logistics by working on new technologies to solve issues of global container logistics, etc. and since then that’s been the main focus. It’s just that software development has been replaced by business development, sales, and marketing.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

It’s easy to get inspired every day by the effect we’ve already made while knowing this is only the very beginning. We’ve secured tens of millions of Covid-19 vaccine doses and Covid-19 test kits. This alone has made a real difference and that’s what we are after, we want to enable a change for the better.

What inspired your business? What problem are you trying to solve and for whom?

The world of logistics is so complex. Supply chains are long, packages are handled by so many different contractors and the visibility to the conditions where the goods are can often be low. Of course, the world has had solutions to deal with these issues already, but with significant downsides. We decided to fix these problems and make the solution easy to use to not only fix it technically but with a scaling solution that works in real life as well.

What is your magic sauce?

As a tech company, I’d say our magic sauce is definitely usability enabled by our technology. With usability, I especially mean the fact that anyone can use our system with their smartphone, even without installing any apps. Behind this advantage is the invention of Dynamic QR codes. Most of us have come across QR codes – the small barcode-like squares – in many places, but those are always printed. Antti Tapio, one of the three founders of Logmore came up with the idea of using QR codes in a way that the code automatically changes whenever new data comes up. So in our use case, the QR code simply changes for each new measurement of temperature (or other parameters) and saves the new value into the QR code.

An outline of your magic sauce. How do you differ from the competition?

We are a solution-driven company with a true passion for what we do. We know the product is never ready and it can always be improved and this mentality has enabled us to quickly solve many challenges with our customers. For us, it’s not about technology, neither hardware nor software. It’s about the complete solution and that needs to solve the challenge it’s designed to. Traditionally the industry has been really hardware-centric and for us, the hardware is just a necessary piece in the puzzle, but the actual value is in the outcome: automated quality assurance, reliable and easy reporting, and true visibility into the events of the supply chain.

How has the pandemic impacted your company?

A lot of things changed fast and the past year has been kind of a roller coaster. For us, the shift from offices to remote work from home was relatively easy, but for the first few months into the pandemic, we needed to find new ways to communicate and work with our customers. Going into the warehouses and distribution centers was quickly impossible. Lucky enough we were able to work around these restrictions and due to the large quantities of Covid-19 vaccine shipments we’ve more than tripled our headcount during the pandemic.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

In the world of technology, 5 years is truly a long time. The quality assurance processes of food, perishable goods, and pharmaceuticals are automated and monitoring happens much closer to the goods. Being closer to the goods not only enables more accurate and reliable decision-making but also shifts the focus from a certain part of the supply chain to the lifetime of the goods. This will mean that the traditional data logger business where devices are sold for shippers and logistics companies dies out and is replaced by smart monitoring solutions implemented into the packaging of the goods or in some cases directly on the products. The new solutions enable transparency, safety, and better decision-making for every step from the producer to the consumer.

I see Logmore leading the change into solutions giving a voice to physical products. This is backed by better business models where the cost is truly based on the value provided, not on the cost of some gadget.

What is the vision?

We at Logmore are enthusiastic about the possibility of giving a voice to every shipment. What we mean by this is that all goods shipped should be able to tell their stories. This not only ensures that the goods are safe to consume or use, but also brings a whole new dimension to the visibility anyone has into their supply chain. From a technical perspective, we have made this possible with a cloud-based reporting and data management platform combined with novel devices monitoring things like temperature, humidity, and shocks in shipments.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

It might just be about the perspective but I don’t actually see that we’d have had any big setbacks. Of course, every company faces challenges, but I see those as necessary parts of the growth.

What has been your biggest win so far?

We’ve been able to create an amazing team. Every other win we achieve as a company is made by the people. It’s such a privilege to be working with the Logmore team. In terms of business, I’d want to emphasize us making it into global Covid-19 vaccine shipments, it’s not only wonderful to be able to make such an impact on people’s lives, but it also proves our solution is ready for even the most requiring deliveries.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

It’s nothing that we can’t figure out, but of course, it’s a challenge to grow the team to a truly global organization while scaling all aspects of the operations. Along with the growth challenges we need to continue to keep up with the demand, especially in the current environment where the whole world is dealing with the component shortage.  

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

I think it’s been a lot about the direct impact we can have on people’s lives. We have already done that with Covid-19 vaccines and test kits, but the long-term vision where we could impact the lives of hundreds of millions of people every month is powerful.

If you know you’ll be able to make our vision a reality don’t hesitate to be in touch with us. Email [email protected] or send me a ping on LinkedIn.

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