Run All Challenging Software From Any Device, With Your Own Supercomputer on the Cloud

Vagon is your personal cloud computer specially built to help creatives eliminate hardware dependency. Architects, CAD designers, video editors, animators, researchers – they all need powerful computers to create things, and that’s where the Vagon comes in. Using Vagon, you can run any software from anywhere, even from a Chromebook or a veteran Macbook Air. 💻

Today, more than 50.000 users from North America to Sydney are using Vagon to boost their workflow.

Tell us about yourself?

I have MSc and BSc degrees at electronics engineering in a top tier university. And prior to that, I had spent 1 year at a medical school.

Before Vagon, I spent my last 8 years to build multiple successful products for B2B and B2C in different startups. Started my startup career as a PM and continued as a founder – failed and succeeded, both.

I ended up going through the same problem we target on Vagon many times before. And now we’ve created the solution to transform how we work.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

The idea came up while helping a video editor friend of ours. Instead of making hardware invested, we introduced cloud computer services to him and through his experience we realised the existing cloud technologies weren’t ready for the creative users, whereas value for that market was clear.

To understand the problem: Let’s say you are a photo editor and the software required for you to be able to do professional photo editing constantly requires a very powerful computer, and that’s the case for all today. You must have a powerful graphics card, a powerful processor, and a large amount of RAM. Devices with these features are quite costly and of course they are not designed to be carried around. At this point, Vagon promises users a very powerful personal computer with the top-notch performance that they can use through any device, anywhere in the world. It comes with innovative features beyond physical workstations. The best part is, instead of investing into hardware, users pay only when they use it.

What is your magic sauce?

We have designed the easiest cloud experience for the end-user. You can set up your computer in 1-2 minutes and switch to a high performance on your low-end device. Your workflow and files are fully synced and the user can increase the performance of his computer when necessary to save his budget.

Vagon aims to change how creatives work and we created the technologies to make that happen. Vagon was created with users’ feedback, and it will continue to evolve with it to disrupt the market.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

When we look to the future as Vagon, we envision a world where hardware dependency is eliminated. We want to move towards a world where the processing load is transferred to the cloud and the user completes requests from any device, regardless of what the user is using the device for. We attach great importance to the technology enabler role of Vagon at this point.

All you need is a standard internet connection and a low-end device that can connect to Vagon. We’ll take care of other background work for you.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

It’s not that easy to create a service for the b2c market. The experience should be top-notch since they one and to provide it we expand Vagon’s infra globally.

Our goal is to eliminate the hardware dependency of users and all we need is a decent internet connection. At this point, if the customers who can benefit the most from us live in a place where the internet infrastructure is not developed, we cannot offer them Vagon in the most optimal way.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Transition to B2B segment. Vagon now provides services for companies and product developers to empower their users and employees to run all software on any hardware through their systems. Our goal is to make the remote work much easier.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

Companies with performance-savvy applications, creative and marketing agencies, and anyone who requires a better performance… They can try Vagon at

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