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Satellite Images: Benefits For Business

Many businesses are beginning to understand the importance of satellite images and how they help their company.

Nowadays, there are lots of different satellite imagery providers, and it may be daunting to choose any specific one for your business needs. That is why we have come up with the things to consider when choosing your provider.

In return, providers compete to provide their clients with live satellite imageries. So, this article will help you understand the benefits of satellite images and how to choose your providers.

Benefits of aerial imagery

Presentation and Marketing: Businesses can present HD and detailed aerial images to their leads and clients, demonstrating their areas of interest and possible results. Also, they can use these images to educate and inform stakeholders on potential areas of investment.

Data Analysis and integration: The ability for users to integrate the pictures as a base layer into Geographic Information System (GIS), CAD and other third-party OGC compliant software is one of the main advantages of aerial images. For example, using a web-based platform created by companies that provide aerial content, users can make changes and save their edits within the application.

Cloud-Based: The cloud has come with its many benefits and advantages, providing users with secure and instant access to their files from any location. Users can take advantage of this technology with

Aerial imagery is beneficial to almost every business, and the good news is there are many ways to obtain these images. Nowadays, most companies providing location content services are cloud-based and provide aerial photos to users’ mobile or desktop devices. So, there will be no need to download and store large files on your devices.

Great for small businesses: Small businesses have the advantage of obtaining aerial images at a low cost from the cloud without needing to fly drones or hire them.

Remote Access: This is one benefit that allows users to work remotely. Using the location content provider’s software, people can search locations and share them with their colleagues by dropping a pin. It is very useful for projects out of time, which will take lots of research and time to go there.

Extensive Database: It gives users access to a large amount of present and historical photos, which are updated up to 3 times a year.

Saves Time: It is faster and safer to use aerial imagery as a service instead of using drones to distribute the images.

Advanced Features: Using these web-based platforms, users can zoom, rotate, and view aerial photos from all angles.

Choosing the best provider

Pixes and Resolution

Lots of people confuse resolution with spatial resolution. That is why they simplify the design of aerial images into low, medium, and high resolution and often interchange the two terms. However, they are not the same. Resolution is determined by the number of pixels in a picture. In comparison, spatial resolution refers to the small feature that can be detected on earth. This varies in relation to the angle of the satellite sensor to its focus.

Temporal resolution

As a business owner, you will want to get frequent updates on your area of interest. And the temporal resolution of a satellite tells you how frequently the satellite revisits and takes images of the same place. So, you will want to get an aerial image provider whose satellites have smaller time intervals.

Spectral Characteristics

Spectral characteristics help a satellite to determine the object it is observing. So, the sensors of a satellite measure the EM that is reflected on the earth’s surface based on the EM spectrum. This is possible because different objects have unique spectral properties, and every satellite has spectral bands used to measure spectral response.

Experts can calculate different indices using this information and give accurate information to the users depending on their area of interest.

Imagery Analysis

Obtaining a satellite image of your area of interest will be of very little value if you can’t interpret it to gain valuable insights. Only after the image has been processed and analyzed will it be of more value to the business owner. Many different factors affect satellite images and need to be corrected before they can be used in business settings, such as shadows, cloudiness, atmosphere, topographic curvature, environmental influence, and much more. So, if your satellite provider does these corrections, that is a plus because it will save you time and resources to look for other experts to interpret.

Written by Marcus Richards

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