Service with Innovation: Spotlight on Zuid-Holland’s Rising Startups

Exploring the Diverse Service Industry Landscape of Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

Reefy: Shaping the Future of Infrastructure

Reefy pioneers in the field of reef engineering, designing climate-resistant infrastructure for a more resilient future.

Luxury Hospitality Group: Redefining Service Excellence

Luxury Hospitality Group provides unrivaled life cycle management in the hospitality industry, setting global standards in the process.

Dubline: Streamlining Telecommunications

Dubline offers comprehensive mobile, voice, and data solutions, transforming the way businesses communicate.

HaydiGO: Simplifying Omnichannel Business

HaydiGO delivers software services that automate and manage omnichannel business operations, improving efficiency and productivity.

Freshment: Crafting Digital Experiences

Freshment specializes in website development, creating engaging digital experiences for clients.

OUTLOOK SAFETY: Prioritizing Protection

OUTLOOK SAFETY supplies high-quality protection equipment and tools, ensuring safer environments for various industries.

2organize: Enhancing Financial Management

2organize provides expert financial bookkeeping services, simplifying financial management for businesses of all sizes.

SWDS: Elevating Home Improvement

SWDS is a leading supplier of indoor and outdoor items, upgrading the home improvement experience for customers.

Maas Marketing: Empowering Business Communication

Maas Marketing offers strategic marketing and communication services, enabling businesses to connect effectively with their audience.

Plex: Enriching Internet Services

Plex stands as the largest provider of Internet services in North and Central Limburg and East Brabant, elevating connectivity across regions.

Captrics: Revolutionizing Contract Management

Captrics develops advanced software for managing and validating contracts, providing organizations with a more efficient and accurate contract management solution.

Parfum Beautifying Online Retail

Parfum serves as an online platform for the sale of beauty care products, bringing luxury to the doorstep.

Houses on Internet: Simplifying Property Transactions

Houses on Internet is a brokerage firm that facilitates direct property sales in France from owners, making real estate transactions smoother and more transparent.

Novel Parket: Refining Flooring Solutions

Novel Parket sells, installs, and renovates parquet floors, enhancing the aesthetic and value of spaces.

Tragatta: Navigating Sailing Adventures

Tragatta provides a platform for organizing racing sailing, transforming the recreational sailing experience.

The service industry in Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands, is bustling with innovative startups that redefine traditional service models. From engineering to hospitality, telecommunications to marketing, these companies showcase the diversity and creativity of the region’s entrepreneurial spirit.

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