Tech Pioneers of Hessen: Unleashing Innovation through Software Solutions

Empowering Digital Transformation and Beyond

Hygraph: Revolutionizing Content Management with GraphQL

Discover Hygraph, a cutting-edge software company that leverages GraphQL technology to provide digital creators and products with a powerful headless content management system.

Thing Technologies: Enabling Scalable IoT Solutions for Commercial Use

Explore Thing Technologies, a trailblazing software company that offers a device-independent IoT platform, enabling unlimited scalability for devices, locations, and users.

Threedy: Redefining Visual Computing with Platform Technology

Uncover the visionary work of Threedy, as they lead the development of instant3Dhub—a platform technology that pioneers visual computing and builds on 25 years of research.

3spin Learning: No-Code VR & AR Learning Platform

Immerse yourself in the future of learning with 3spin Learning, a software company that empowers organizations to create virtual and augmented reality learning experiences without any coding.

Twinsity: Collaborative Work and Analysis with Drone Data

Step into the world of high-resolution drone data and digital twins with Twinsity, a platform that enables visualization, inspection, and collaborative work with advanced data visualization tools.

Energy Robotics: Empowering Mobile Inspection Robots

Experience the cutting-edge software solutions developed by Energy Robotics, as they pave the way for mobile inspection robots, revolutionizing various industries with their innovative technology.

Optalio: Data Analysis and Production Optimization with SaaS and PLM

Unleash the power of data analysis, process monitoring, and production optimization with Optalio, a leading provider of SaaS and PLM solutions that drive efficiency and success for businesses. Simplifying Online Learning with Intuitive Software

Discover, a software company that offers a user-friendly learning platform, empowering participants in further education to engage and learn effectively in an online environment.

MYLOMA GmbH: Revolutionizing Local Marketplaces

Experience the comprehensive and transparent local marketplace created by MYLOMA GmbH, as they connect businesses and customers, fostering a thriving ecosystem in Germany.

Quantagonia: Unlocking the Potential of Hybrid Quantum Computing

Delve into the world of quantum and hybrid computing with Quantagonia, a pioneering software company that provides users with an easy on-ramp to quantum computing and its first-mover advantages.

payperse: Lightning-Fast Ordering and Payment Solutions

Bid farewell to long queues and embrace efficient ordering and payment experiences with payperse, a software company that enables lightning-fast transactions in restaurants and delivery services.

InnoBauTech: Driving Construction Innovation with Smart Solutions

Discover InnoBauTech, a software company dedicated to revolutionizing construction processes and solutions on construction sites, fostering efficiency and progress in the industry.

fino ventures: Pioneering FinTech, DocTech, and RegTech Solutions

Uncover the dynamic offerings of fino ventures, a group of B2B startups that provide market-leading products in the fields of FinTech, DocTech, and RegTech, transforming the way businesses operate.

Techara: Web Development and Mobile App Solutions with Seamless Maintenance

Experience the expertise of Techara, a software company specializing in web development, product design, and mobile app creation, enabling seamless maintenance without the need for new technologies.

Paperless: Accelerating Contract Management with Innovative Solutions

Embrace a new era of contract management with Paperless, a software company that revolutionizes productivity and customer experience by streamlining and optimizing contract-related processes.

In the dynamic software landscape of Hessen, Germany, these innovative startups are pushing the boundaries of technological possibilities. From content management and IoT scalability to virtual reality learning platforms and hybrid quantum computing, these companies are at the forefront of digital transformation. Join the journey of technological advancement and discover the diverse range of software startups driving innovation in Hessen, Germany.

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