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PRNEWS.IO is an industry-changing startup on the market of PR communications and content marketing because we believe that stories and articles are the best way for brands to communicate with people.
The online platform PRNEWS.IO helps companies to be published in the media all over the world and sell native advertising for news website publishers. Today the catalog contains 75 thousand publications from 214 countries and allows you to distribute articles, press releases, news, and interviews in any media and in any language.

Tell us about yourself?

Here I think I should start to form the fact that everything began in my student years. When I was a student, I worked as a freelancer and also had a remote job at a Swiss company.

And still, I do remember a key message my father told me, very short thesis related to the fact that there is only one non-renewable resource – time. Actually, if you work, you need to work for yourself and not waste this precious time. Therefore, there was no question whether to go and find a job or to create a business with my own hands. All you need is a desire. This message got stuck in my head for a long time and it was the starting point of B2Blogger. As for freelancing, it gave me a lot of helpful experience and skill to feel the trends.

Later we started to think over the idea to expand our project to Western and international markets. And we realized that likely they wouldn’t understand how it works. Because the name B2Blogger has an association with something related to blogs… That’s why we decided B2Blogger needed some kind of rebranding. And, actually, we chose the name PRNEWS.IO in a couple of minutes keeping in mind to find something available, and if it works, then continue the rebranding process.

What is the inspiration behind your business?

PRNEWS.IO grew out of the B2Blogger brand, which emerged exactly upon customer calls and requests. At first, it was just a blog about marketing, then we added a feature of marketing research, a section for posting press releases, and functionality to send them to other websites. Over time, our clients got the opportunity to be published in the media of Ukraine and all Russian-speaking network.

Then we realized that there are clients all over the world with the same requests for such service. Our company began to scale and grew into the PRNEWS.IO project.
In our development, we always move according to the requests that we receive from clients: and this is both exciting and challenging. On the one hand, you understand the real pains of individuals and businesses, solve them, and receive customer gratitude. On the other hand, you are acting through trial and error because there is no company whose model can be copied and safely improved. Being the first is difficult, but interesting.

While building partnerships with media outlets, PRNEWS.IO acts as a referee and strives to build healthy, sustainable relationships in the advertising publishing market. We were the first to classify the types of publications in the media, formed the standards for advertising labeling, transfer payments for the distribution of sponsored content to the official sources, provide all possible payment systems, etc. Also, our platform helps companies to get mentions in the media. Helping clients to solve their problems, we do not copy the existing business model, but prepare an individual work plan that will be effective for them.

Since it was like a certain mental insight, while you know that your service helps clients in Ukraine to do PR in Ukraine, or for clients in Ukraine to do PR outside Ukraine for many years, and suddenly you realize that you actually help a Turkish company to do PR in Austria, English company to do PR in Germany and that in all these flows there are trade relations between the United States and Japan, the United States and China, the United States and South Korea, the United States and European countries. They have such a big size that opportunities in Ukraine are disproportionately small. That’s to say the world is huge and if you take part in the international flows, you may become a participant in the very lucrative story.

What is your magic sauce?

Globally, there is no other company like our platform. In fact, the PR managers themselves can be our competitors, who can independently prepare and place content in the media. But, as practice shows, they are limited in resources and time. As for the media themselves, any media group has a task to sell its products. Even if they can satisfy the client, they will still sell exclusively their services. This is their disadvantage. Because often tasks are solved outside the group.

Our other advantage is our focus on the clients, who need not only advice but also support. Clients appreciate and love us for the opportunity to find a non-trivial solution, flexibility, and an individual approach. Our team never leaves customers alone with their pains.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

We are the next big unicorn. Until we believe it ourselves, we cannot build it. Earlier, when we were adding some large media catalogs to the platform, the guys laughed and wondered, who would buy such publications for such a huge amount of money? In those days people spent $300-500 on our services and it seemed to be impossible that someone would put $10,000 to the shopping cart of our website. But today, such transactions are not surprising because they occur systematically. So, everything is possible: if we believe in it, you’ll see us in unicorns.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

For example, everything seems to be cool: the cool company, regular customers, great metrics, but late at night you see that some of the servers disappear and you no longer have the website. At this moment you realize that your data, cloud-based administration panel, and your instances are gone. In addition, you realize that one of them also contained a backup. And this is when you understand that you are not so protected.

It is clear that there will be always some issues. For example, one day everything that has been accumulated over the years disappeared because we deleted our website. We passed all the checks for a fool: – Delete it? – Yes. – Are you sure you want to delete it? – Yes. As a result, we completely removed the files and the database from the server.

There are no trifles in business. As our experience shows, big fuckups occur because of some minor reasons: we didn’t save, we didn’t pay, we didn’t reinsure ourselves. In the first year of the company’s work, we, for example, accidentally deleted the customer base, and this is very disconcerting. True, thanks to mistakes you get invaluable experience in order to develop further.

What is the next big challenge for your business?

We plan to expand our catalog and, at the same time, improve the quality of sites, adding the best of the best. Tightening advertising terms on the Internet, growing banner blindness – these are opportunities for our company since we are engaged in neutral advertising.

Also now, influencers are gaining more and more weight: celebrities, actors, creative people. They need PR, and they start to strengthen their personal brand through publications, start to invest in it. They also need a systematic approach and professional support – and PRNEWS.IO can provide them with this.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

There are many scenarios for using PRNEWS.IO. We can be helpful for any company, regardless of its size and industry. But we are best suited for those who have a need for international PR (cross-country), that is when a PR campaign is needed in the media of other countries when the market is not familiar when it is necessary to publish in large quantities and urgently.

Actually, our service already was used by many singers, musicians, actors, large companies and small businesses, influencers, Instagram bloggers, creative persons who willing to get American O-1 visa and even a rocket company.

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