Treblle Wants to Make it Easier for You to Manage All Your APIs

The product is called Treblle and it makes it super easy to understand what’s going on with your APIs and the apps that use them.

Tell us about yourself?

My name is Vedran, I’m 33 years old and I’ve been a developer for the past 15 years. I started out with back-end development in PHP/MYSQL and progressed to learning HTML/CSS/JS as well as DevOps. I really love writing great, efficient and optimized code. Besides developing, I love building really cool products online. Before starting our current company, Treblle, I ran a development company for the past 10 years with clients all around the world. We completed over a 100 projects and launched multiple products and startups for others.

Vedran Cindrić – Treblle’s CEO and founder

What is the inspiration behind your business?

We ran our own development agency for the past 10 years and worked on a lot of API based projects all around the world. I built most of them and would spend my days providing integration support, debugging with other developers, writing docs…To help myself and the agency I started developing a small logging tool which I would turn on/off when I needed to because it wasn’t scalable at that point 😂. Slowly we started expanding what the early prototype did, we managed to figure out the scale part and we started sharing it with our clients. They loved it, so they started sharing it with their developers and we got a ton of super positive feedback and traction. Internally we also started using Treblle on all our projects daily and we decided to take a leap of faith and focus on the product full time. 

What is your magic sauce?

Like I said – we built the product for ourselves and based on our needs. At the end of the day we are the people who build and use APIs the most. Because of that we like to think that we know what are some of the pain points when you are building and working with APIs. I believe that is our secret sauce. We know exactly what the problems are, how we can make them better and finally because we have a strong background in building products so we know how to make it a reality. Also we spend a lot of our time talking to other developers, teams and companies to get their feedback and opinion on how Treblle can help them in building, shipping and managing APIs better.

The Treblle Team

How has the pandemic impacted your company?

2020.  was actually our best year ever for our development company. I think everybody doubled down on websites, apps, web shops and anything digital hence i believe everybody doing anything web/mobile related saw a huge spike. Besides that we also managed to raise 1.3 million euros for Treblle in the beginning of 2021. Without ever leaving the house. So all in all I would say that the pandemic has had a super positive impact on our business.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years?

We see Treblle as the go to platform form building, shipping and managing APIs. We wanna be in a position where we can help anyone who is doing something with APIs. That means from back-end developers, mobile developers, front-end developers to product managers, QA and even CEOs. We already save a lot of time and money to developers and companies using Treblle and it will only get better from here. Our product roadmap for the next few years is very exciting with some groundbreaking features. One thing that is core to our belief is that we don’t plan to build tools to try to replace developers but rather enable them to focus more on development itself rather than administration, documentation, debugging and similar. 

What has been your biggest setback so far?

Believe it or not we spent a lot of time searching for a cool office for our HQ in Zagreb. We finally found a place we like and we are still trying to make it feel like home so we can hire some amazing people who can come and help us build the future of APIs. 

What has been your biggest win so far?

We’re talking to some really cool big companies about adding Treblle to their products. If all goes well we might be processing a few billion API calls per month : )

What is the next big challenge for your business?

Extending our team would be the next challenge for us alongside growing the product. We are looking to hire at least 10 – 15 people in the next few months, everything from back-end developers, front-end developers, full-stack developers to sales and marketing. Finding the right people I think will be key to our success. So if anyone reading this loves APIs and likes what we do, reach out to me and let’s do something together. 

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

The space we are in is very popular at the moment. APIs are being used by everything around us and people understand that. Especially people from the industry. So buying into a vision that makes their life easier on a daily basis isn’t that hard : )

If you are a company building APIs or mobile apps reach out to us we can help you – trust me. You can try Treblle for free with all the features. Once you see what we have in store for you and how much we can help you and your team you will never look back. At the same time if you like working on cool products at scale reach out to me – let’s work together. 

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