Unleashing Innovation: Exploring Information Technology Startups in The Hague

Pioneering Technology in the Heart of The Hague

Circularise: Revolutionizing Supply Chain Transparency

Discover Circularise, a startup that leverages cutting-edge technology to link supply chains from source to product, driving transparency and sustainability.

Ponea Health: Transforming Healthcare Systems with Technology

Explore Ponea Health, a company on a mission to fix broken healthcare systems by providing easy access to health services through their health tech marketplace.

Quan: Enhancing Performance and Preventing Burnout

Uncover Quan, a startup dedicated to helping managers, organizations, and teams prevent burnout and optimize their performance through innovative technological solutions.

Be Sure Healthcare: Advancing Digital Health for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Learn about Be Sure Healthcare, an AI-based digital health platform focused on cardiovascular disease prevention, along with their precise remote monitoring solution for COVID-19 patients.

VanPaz BV: Bridging Business and Finance with R&D Expertise

Discover VanPaz BV, a Dutch SME that combines strong business and finance expertise with cutting-edge knowledge in research and development.

Invisible Foods: Tackling Food Loss and Waste through Data-driven Solutions

Join the fight against food loss and waste with Invisible Foods, a data-driven market solution platform that aggregates and predicts food loss, helping to reduce waste.

Hunt & Hackett: Safeguarding Organizations from Cyber Threats

Enter the world of cybersecurity with Hunt & Hackett, a company dedicated to preventing and detecting complex threats, securing organizations from cyber threats and espionage.

Payfix: Simplifying Factoring for SMEs and Freelancers

Discover Payfix, a specialized company offering factoring services for SMEs, freelancers, and contractors, simplifying their financial operations.

DeepDee: AI-powered Eye Disease Diagnosis

Unleash the potential of AI in healthcare with DeepDee, a startup providing hardware-independent AI for the diagnosis of eye diseases, revolutionizing medical diagnostics.

Boon & Bliss: The Perfect Gift Solution

Explore Boon & Bliss, a startup that helps you find the perfect gift with their innovative gifting platform, making every occasion special.

Eastsource: Empowering Software Development Consultancy

Discover Eastsource, a software development consultancy and outsourcing company that connects businesses with top talent from Eastern Europe, enabling efficient and cost-effective software development.

TokenMe: Navigating and Managing Large Buildings in Real-time

Enter the world of smart buildings with TokenMe, a startup that provides real-time navigation, management, and utilization solutions for large buildings, optimizing efficiency and user experience.

SpinOffice CRM: Innovating Relationship Management Software

Experience SpinOffice CRM, a company that develops web applications and innovative software solutions, including their comprehensive relationship management software.

APTA Technologies: Root Cause Analysis through Log Data

Learn about APTA Technologies, a company that helps businesses understand software through log data, identifying anomalies, bugs, and root causes to improve system reliability.

Txtomedia: Transforming Information into Interactive Media

Discover Txtomedia, a company that provides information technology services such as DITA, automation, animation, video manuals, and e-learning solutions, enhancing the way information is communicated.

From supply chain transparency and healthcare transformation to cybersecurity and AI-powered diagnostics, these Information Technology startups in The Hague, Zuid-Holland, are driving innovation and transforming industries. Embrace the technological revolution and dive into the dynamic world of IT entrepreneurship in the vibrant city of The Hague.

Written by Mobb

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