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What Is Commercial Cleaning, And Why Is It Important?

Commercial cleaning is undertaken by professional cleaners who a company or organisation hires. A commercial cleaner works to sanitise and tidy non-domestic properties. Many locations use commercial cleaners, including office buildings, hotels, gyms, hospitals, airports, restaurants and schools.

Commercial cleaners are not used for private homes. 

What does a commercial cleaner do?

The role of a commercial cleaner is to wash and tidy the environment and leave things spotless.

The primary duties will usually involve dusting, hoovering, sweeping, mopping floors, wiping down and polishing surfaces, emptying dustbins and cleaning bathrooms. Other responsibilities will depend on the purpose of the building. For example, in hotels, commercial cleaners also change bed linens and replace towels and other items.

Why is commercial cleaning important?

The cleanliness of an environment is essential to keep the space functional and safe for everyone that uses it. Commercial cleaning can improve physical health, productivity, happiness, and overall well-being for everyone who uses the building. Here we run through just some of the reasons why it is important to use commercial cleaners for your property.

High standard

Hiring an expert commercial cleaning company will ensure that the building is sanitary and spotless. The cleaners will take care of every sanitation job, so nothing gets forgotten, including mopping floors, cleaning doors and windows, emptying bins, sanitisation, dusting and more. commercial cleaners or their companies may for example buy cleaning products online to then utilise in the cleaning of the commercial premises they are contracted to care for.

This will ensure that the property retains a professional standard of appearance. Employees will benefit from a clean workspace in your hotel, office, restaurant, or gym. Clean spaces also make an excellent first impression on clients.

Long-Term Maintenance

A high standard of professional cleaning will also contribute to the long-term maintenance of the building and its furniture. Without commercial cleaning, furniture accumulates dust and dirt and will, over time, become more stained and damaged. High-quality cleaning will keep your furniture looking fresh for longer. This will ultimately save you money as you won’t encounter the high expense of replacing carpeting, tables or sofas as often. 


A deep, professional clean is an important aspect of keeping your workforce healthy. People from all over come to these shared spaces, bringing with them germs, bacteria and viruses that can quickly spread around. In schools, students could get sick more often and have to take days off, impacting their education. That is why spaces need to be cleaned effectively and regularly. Professionally cleaning your building will help prevent sicknesses from spreading by disinfecting all surfaces.

Moreover, if your property is dirty and dust has piled up, the indoor air quality will likely be very poor. Bad air quality in a building can trigger breathing problems for people with asthma, as well as causing eye, nose, and throat irritation and headaches. For example, guests in a hotel who develop itchy eyes from poor air quality are unlikely to have an enjoyable stay. Commercial cleaners use industrial vacuums and dusting to maintain suitable and healthy air quality. 

The health and safety of employees and those in commercial premises like offices is extremely important to any business. Thus, it may well be the case that business starting up even seek to borrow money (source: Doddler) in order to pay for an initial deep clean when moving into new office premises, to ensure the health and safety of all.


With the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve all become more aware of how easily viruses can spread. Now that we are back in public buildings, it’s vital that we are sanitising effectively and regularly. Commercial cleaning companies can provide top-to-bottom sanitation to ensure your property is safe. 


Maintaining the safety of your building is highly important. Ensuring that your floors are clear of rubbish and dirt is an important measure to prevent accidents. For example, in a gym, it is essential that a commercial cleaner checks that walkways are free from obstacles and clutter to avoid unnecessary accidents. They will also ensure that floors are left clean and dry, preventing slips and trips.

Written by Marcus Richards

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