What to Watch on All Streaming Services


PlayPilot is the ultimate social streaming guide that allows you to search and discover the best movies and shows from all the popular streaming services in one place.
We’re live in 26 countries and connects you with fellow movie lovers, friends, critics and family members so you can spend less time searching and more time watching.

Tell us about yourself?

I have a background in film production and have been part of more than 40 films and tv-series. This is an industry that has undergone massive changes adjusting to the digital transformation of content viewing and revised business models.
During a program on Digital Strategy at Harvard Business School in 2015, I got exited about being part of that transformation by aggregating the streaming services and making content discovery easier. This led me to investigate further and brought me to the other co-founders of PlayPilot who had embarked on the same journey.

What is the inspiration behind your business?


We all know how hard it can be to find a good movie or show to watch, switching between different streaming services and maybe even checking trailers, reviews or ratings from various sources. In fact US household spend on average 18 minutes every movie night deciding what to watch.
PlayPilot solves this problem by letting users search and explore all streaming services in one place, helping them quickly find the best titles from Netflix, HBO, iTunes etc.
Beyond aggregation and cross-service recommendations, PlayPilot let you follow ratings from friends, family, or critics – thereby answering the question of “have you seen anything great lately?”.

What is your magic sauce?

PlayPilot was founded on the market bet that the fragmentation we saw in 2016 would get worse and that a content discovery platform layered on top of this splintering eco-system
could become the natural starting point for all video consumption. Since then we have realized that the most powerful data points for deciding what to watch is what your friends or others you trust are into. The social layer of PlayPilot are among the things that sets us apart the most. This includes the implementation of personalized recommendations and live feeds showing ratings and reviews from people you follow.

Where do you see your company going in 5 years time?

The coming years, PlayPilot will continue to launch in more countries and be laser focused on growth. We will not only achieve the vision of being the natural starting point for all video consumption globally but will also create a marketplace for entertainment services that expands our offering into new verticals such as for example podcasts and sports.
Beyond being the best app to decide what to watch or listen to, we aim to also make it the best app for deciding which service to get – and the most convenient place to buy it!
With that follows important strategic decisions around key partnerships and we’re exited to see where it can take us.

What has been your biggest setback so far?

PlayPilot is intended for the big scene. However, when you are in the startup phase, there are hurdles scaling both the product and the user base with the means at hand.
We have had hiccups involving everything from the site crashing, when increasing the user number, building features hardly anyone used and spending time pursuing the wrong business models.
We now have a very capable team. What unites us is a passion for our space, in combination with big hearts, lots of brains, strategic thinking, grit and a DIY-attitude. Over the years we have been able to learn from our setbacks and have built the technology and the organizational structure needed to produce a product that is an industry leader in terms of database quality and user experience.

How do people get involved/buy into your vision?

At PlayPilot we have spend a long time perfecting content discovery and breaking down industry silos and we believe practically everything is possible when great companies and teams join forces.
For the path ahead we’re looking to identify a few key partners that, like us, want to create a significant regional or global impact within the media and entertainment industry.
If you think your company could be a great match, you want to brainstorm an idea or simply need a recommendation on what to watch, do reach out!

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